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Usc essays

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AP Bio pGLO Transformation Formal Lab Report Essay Sample. The topic of this research involved the occurrence of genetic transformation in bacteria (E. Coli). More specifically, a previously prepared pGLO plasmidwhich consisted of the usc essays gene to be clonedwas used to transform non-pathogenic bacteria. The pGLO plasmid contained a gene for the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) from a bioluminescent jellyfish and a gene for resistance to ampicillin, an xbrl, antibiotic.

Essentially, we wanted to determine the conditions of the bacteria that would glow. Our hypothesis was that the transformed solution with no plasmid DNA and usc essays ampicillin would produce no bacteria colonies, as it wouldn#8217;t be able to grow without the creative writing gene for ampicillin resistance. Also, the transformed solution with just LB and ampicillin would produce bacteria colonies but the transformed solution with LB/ampicillin/Arabinose would produce glowing bacteria colonies (as Arabinose allows the GFP gene to usc essays be expressed, but in both cases bacteria colonies would be present because of the rubric for english gene of resistance to the antibiotic, ampicillin). We essentially made the usc essays required transformed solutionsand the controlsswiped them on cdma, the agar plate, and usc essays then observed to my best for children see whether or not bacteria colonies grew and whether or not they glowed. Our data fully supported our hypothesis. Usc Essays! We can thus conclude that bacteria can take in foreign DNA through the my best for children process of transformation and that this foreign DNA can fundamentally change the bacteria (ex: making it glow). Future research can involve inserting other pieces of DNA into usc essays, bacteria from different organisms, making the bacteria take on 6th grade creative writing, various phenotypic characteristics. Genetic transformation is one of the most important processes in usc essays biotechnology. Essentially, genetic transformation involves the process where a cell (in this lab, a bacterial cell) takes up foreign DNA from its surroundings and incorporates it into its own DNA. This gene transfer is accomplished with the aid of a plasmid, a naturally-occuring small piece of circular DNA in bacteria.

Bacteria can efficiently adapt to for english new environments by transferring plasmids with beneficial genes aiding survival to other bacterial cells. In biotechnology laboratories, plasmids are transformed. Essentially, restriction enzymes are used to make cuts in the plasmidthe #8216;vector#8217;and in the DNA sequence containing the usc essays gene to rubric for english essay be transferred to the bacteria. Then, this gene to be transferred is forged into the plasmid (in this lab we used previously made plasmids called pGLO, containing a bioluminescent gene and usc essays a gene for ampicillin resistance). Plasmids are then #8216;forced#8217; into bacterial cells using a process called #8220;heat shock,#8221; where small pores in the bacteria open up. In the endin order to find out which bacteria received the new genethe transformed solution can be incubated on agar gel.

The transformed bacteria will exhibit certain unique characteristics (in our case actually growing, or glowing if Arabinose was present). Materials and Methods: For this experiment, the following materials were used: two micro test tubes, sterile transfer pipettes, 500 µl of and men rubric, Transformation Solution (CaCl2), an usc essays, ice bath, a foam rack for the tubes to keep them afloat in the ice-bath, non-pathogenic E. Coli bacteria, sterile loops, pGLO DNA solution, four specially-prepared agar plates, LB-broth, and a water bath set at 42 degrees Celsius. First we labeled one micro test tube #8216;+DNA#8217; and the other #8216;-DNA.#8217; Then we transferred 250 µl of Transformation Solution (CaCl2)using a sterile pipetteinto each micro test tube, and placed the tubes in a foam rack, which floated on an icy water bath. Next, we used two sterile loops to transfer E. Coli. Bacteria from the starter plate to each of the tubes (#8216;+DNA#8217; and #8216;-DNA#8217; tubes).

Now that we had added the required bacteria, we proceeded in our experiment by adding the pGLO DNA solutionusing a new sterile loopto the micro test tube labeled #8216;+DNA.#8217; The next part of the optical experiment involved the heat shock process, where plasmids were fused into bacteria. We incubated both micro test tubes on ice for 10 minutes. Then, we transferred both of them into the water bath set at. 42 ?C for exactly 50 seconds, making sure to place them back on ice after the 50 seconds were #8216;up.#8217; After letting the tubes incubate on ice for 2 minutes, we used a sterile pipette to add 250 µl of LB broth to usc essays the #8216;+DNA#8217; tube. Of Mice And Men Essay! We repeated this process with the usc essays #8216;-DNA#8217; tube. For English Essay! We let these tubes sit for ten minutes at room temperature.

Finally, each transformation solution was prepared. Using new sterile loops for usc essays, each plate, we spread the suspensions evenly around the surface of the agar of each of their four respective plates (plates were labeled +DNA LB/amp ; +DNA LB/amp/ara ; -DNA LB/amp ; -DNA LB for what they contained or didn#8217;t contain [Arabinose, ampicillin, LB]). Lastly, we put our plates in an incubator so bacteria could grow, and observed them the next day under UV light. The nature of this research involved fusing pGLO plasmids containing the GFP glowing gene and a gene for ampicillin resistance into friend, E. Coli bacteria, only some of which would take in this plasmid. The solutions having transformed bacteria DNA from the usc essays plasmid (+DNA) and for english essay the solutions where its bacteria did not receive plasmid DNA (-DNA) were spread on agar plates; the plates were then observed in the hopes of usc essays, drawing important conclusions about gene transfer and writing transformation in bacteria. In the agar plate with LB/Amp, where the solution with plasmid DNA combined into bacteria was spread, transformed white bacteria colonies were present, but no glowing under UV light was observed. In the agar plate with LB/Amp/Ara, where the solution with plasmid DNA combined into bacteria was spread, transformed white bacteria colonies were present that glowed bright green under UV light. In the agar plate with LB/Amp and -DNA, no bacteria were present. In the usc essays agar plate with just LB and optical cdma thesis -DNA, a bacteria lawn was present (bacteria were everywhere, but they did not glow).

Our experiment was designed to observe the genetic transformation of non-pathogenic bacteria (E. Usc Essays! Coli) via pGLO plasmids fusing into the bacteria. From careful analysis of our results, it becomes clear that our hypothesis was supported. Of A Written Business Plan! Originally, we hypothesized that the only bacteria that would glow would be the bacteria that had received the plasmid DNAthat had been transformedbut that had also been cultivated in Arabinose. Also, we predicted the solutions with just the bacterianot the plasmid DNA in addition to the bacteriawould NOT grow if ampicillin was present in the growth medium, but would grow if ampicillin was absent from the growth medium (agar). Our results confirmed our hypothesis. Clearly, when analyzing our experiment, our hypothesis was supported by usc essays our results because it makes sense scientifically. First of all, any bacteria growing on the #8216;+DNA#8217; plates must have been transformed, since the plates have ampicillin, an antibiotic. In being transformed, bacteria received the gene for ampicillin resistance from the and men persuasive pGLO plasmid.

Thus, the only ones that grew were the ones that had the ampicillin-resistance-gene (which they received from the plasmids). Although all transformed bacteria will grow, only the bacteria present in arabinose will glow under UV light. Usc Essays! This Arabinose is a sugar which turns on the GFP glowing gene. Furthermore, even bacteria which had not received the plasmid genes (#8216;-DNA#8217;), and thus could not glow, obviously would grow on a medium with LB, favoring the written business plan growth of bacteria. However, if ampicillin is present, non-transformed bacteria will not grow, as they would not have received the usc essays ampicillin-resistance-gene from the pGLO plasmids. From this lab, we can conclude that bacteriathrough the example of a business process of transformationare able to take up foreign DNA (such as in the form of a pGLO plasmid) and express it in phenotypic characteristics (such as glowing).

We also learned that transformation is never fully effective; only cells that are competent enough are able to usc essays take up foreign DNA. This can be seen by of mice persuasive rubric the fact that the control (-DNA/LB) plate had a lawn of bacteria, whereas the usc essays ampicillin plates had small bacteria colonies (only transformed bacteria could grow). Creative Printables! Our lab results are subject to usc essays imperfections, such as the fact that the heat shock timing might not have been perfect. Howeveroverallour results seem to be accurate; they are substantiated by current scientific knowledge in biotechnology. Is this the example of a written plan perfect essay for you? Save time and usc essays order AP Bio pGLO Transformation Formal Lab Report. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed!

Relevant essay suggestions for creative writing printables, AP Bio pGLO Transformation Formal Lab Report. Conjugation is a natural occurring process that involves the transfer of DNA from one cell into another through a physical connection between the usc essays cells. In the following experiment, two strains#8230; Normal flora are found in specific areas of the body and often depends on environmental factors such as pH, oxygen concentration, amount of moisture present, etc. Some sites in which#8230; Microbiology: Viable Counts. My Best Friend! Total Viable Count is a quantitative idea about the presence of usc essays, microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast and mold in a sample. It counts the number of and men rubric, colonies produced by a#8230; The purpose of this report is to usc essays use different tests to discover what bacteria is the example of a business unknown. This is important because we need to know what test need to be#8230;

Medicinal Microbiology Lab Report. Many infectious diseases caused by usc essays infectious agents, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, have plagued human existence. Thus the identification of bacteria becomes all the more important in the search#8230; Microbiology lab report on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. In this lab experiment two different types of bacteria, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, were grown singly and optical mixed on four different types of agar in order to observe the#8230;

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Homework Lance Online Homework Help. SEC 280 Principles of usc essays, Information Systems Security Entire Course. DeVry SEC280 Week 1 Discussion 1 2. Use one of your favorite search engines (preferably and search world’s biggest data breaches. Select at least two of the major data breaches from the optical thesis, list you found and complete the following. Explain how they impacted you.

Many of the usc essays, breached companies had standard security controls like firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Discuss what was missing in their designs and xbrl research processes. Add other items that you believe organizations should improve on to avoid breaches. Data integrity verifies that data remains unaltered in transit from creation to reception. Explain what would happen if we were to remove Integrity from the CIA triad. Usc Essays? Discuss how integrity helps with confidentiality and access control. Discuss the overall impact to and men essay digital communication without data integrity. DeVry SEC280 Week 2 Discussion 1 2. The initial encryption standard developed by usc essays, NIST was called data encryption standard (DES). DES is too weak for modern applications since the key size is xbrl research paper, only 56-bit.

It was replaced by usc essays, advanced encryption standard (AES). AES has variable key sizes and optical cdma thesis can require a key size of 256-bit. Discuss if you think AES key size has a direct relationship with algorithm strength. Do you think that AES-256 is necessarily better than AES-128? How long do you think it would take to launch a brute force attack on AES-128 using a standard computer? Asymmetric encryption is based on the concept of a private key to decrypt and usc essays a public key to encrypt. RSA and Diffie-Hellman are two common algorithms used for rubric for english essay asymmetric encryption, and they are extremely slow and can be used in limited applications. The key sizes are much larger than symmetric algorithms.

Explain why asymmetric algorithms, such as RSA and Duffie-Hellman, are relatively slow. Discuss why asymmetric encryption algorithms require larger key sizes. DeVry SEC280 Week 3 Discussion 1 2. Asymmetrical encryption uses one key to usc essays encrypt and another key to decrypt. The most common algorithm used in applications is the RSA algorithm.

RSA is based on prime numbers. Select two small prime numbers and compute Product = (p-1)(q-1) and select a number e between 1 and Product. Creative Printables? The e that you computed is a simplified example of a public key. Post your selection and computation. The RSA algorithm and most asymmetric encryption are considered slow. Based on your computation, explain why the algorithm is slow. TLS/SSL is used to secure http traffic on usc essays networks.

For this post, access a website requiring HTTPS. Find and post all the protocols that the site is using (click on the lock on the right end side of your browser menu for IE). Find the public key and paste it in your post. DeVry SEC280 Week 4 Discussion 1 2. Secure Hash Algorithm is the current hashing standard established by rubric essay, the National Institute for Standard and Technology. It uses a 160-bit hash but lately most organizations are moving toward a 256-bit hash. Is a 128-bit hash no longer sufficient for integrity checks? Explain the likelihood of a collision in a 128-bit hash. Usc Essays? You do not need to explain the mathematics. A digital signature is a technique to validate the integrity and authenticity of a message.

The signature provides assurance that the sender is the true sender, and the message has not been changed during transmission. What are the similarities between a digital signature and a handwritten signature? Differentiate among the three different classes of digital signatures. DeVry SEC280 Week 5 Discussion 1 2. There are two basic ways to tell if a network or system is under attack. These are with intrusion-detection systems (IDSs) and intrusion-protection systems (IPSs). Discuss how each of these approaches is different. Do not forget to cdma include how network-based and usc essays hosted-based systems come into essay, play. You work for usc essays a small bank that has only 11 branches, and you must design a system that gives notice of a possible attack.

Discuss what tools can be used, how they can be implemented to protect the bank, and how they can notify the appropriate people when the and men, network comes under attack. Testing for an unknown is a virtually impossible task. What makes it possible at all is the usc essays, concept of testing for categories of xbrl research, previously determined errors. The different categories of errors are 1. buffer overflows (most common); 2. code injections; 3. privilege errors; and 4. Usc Essays? cryptographic failures. Please evaluate the software engineering, secure-code techniques, and example the most important rule that relates to defending against a denial-of-service attack. Here are two types of error categories: the failure to usc essays include desired functionality and the inclusion of optical, undesired behavior in the code.

Testing for the first type of error is relatively easy. Other items we should understand for error opportunities in applications are related to design, coding, and testing. How do we assure that these items are addressed in our software-application development or acquisition? DeVry SEC280 Week 6 Discussion 1 2. What are the different ways that malware can infect a computer? What malware and usc essays spyware protection software do you think is the best and why?

There are many types of attacks described in the text. Describe the attack and what method you could do to avoid such an of mice persuasive, attack. Many attacks are carried out by groups of hackers. Describe the objectives of some of usc essays, these groups. What is the difference between white-hat and black-hat hackers?

What steps would you take at your current or future job to ensure that personal information, such as human resources or customer information, is creative writing printables, not compromised? Do companies have a responsibility to disclose identity-theft breaches that occur in their organizations? Present a strategy for educating a user about usc essays, avoiding e-mail risk without saying, “Do not open an e-mail from someone you do not know.” This has been said many times and has failed. Take the research, time to think outside of the box about how you can get people to think before they act with e-mail. DeVry SEC280 Week 7 Discussion 1 2. Top management asks you to present a review of the security risks associated with the various servers in the computing infrastructure. Take one of the servers and address three security risks from the least (low risk or moderate risk) to the greatest (high risk) and the kind of risk presented. For instance, if a server is closer to the network perimeter, it is at a higher risk of being compromised by a hacker. This is usc essays, where it all starts. How do you implement consistent security policies?

Surprisingly, many of us may be unknowing victims of botnets. Essay? Because of the rising sophistication of botnet schemes, your computer can become a zombie along with thousands of usc essays, other computers that flood a victim’s network and bring down servers. And Men? While the attack is going on, the botnet infects the network with spam, viruses, and malware. Usc Essays? What are the four simple rules of stopping botnets on your personal PCs? What are some of the symptoms that would make you suspicious that your computer has been attacked? What part of a security incident should be logged? DeVry SEC280 Week 1 Exercise. Exercise – CIA Triad. Download the Excel Template Data_Week1.xlsx and xbrl paper review column A (Information Type). Based on what you have learned in Week 1, chose the most important security attribute for the data field in column A using the drop down list.

As an example, for usc essays a social security number, is the first priority to friend essay for children keep the numbers confidential, guarded from modifications, or available in digital format? If you feel all three attributes are equally important, select “Same Level of Importance” for usc essays all three priorities. The comment column (column E), must be used to justify your selections. Assignment Grading Rubric Points % Selection of associated security attributes. Justification for your selections (column E) Spelling and grammar 6 10% Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page.

For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions. See the plan, Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments Exams” for due date information. DeVry SEC280 Week 2 Exercise. Use your favorite browser to access The free download area on the right of the page has three download options. Usc Essays? Download CrypTool 1.4.30 English and install the software on your personal computer. Download the Word template called Week2.docx and complete the activities. You will need to 6th grade writing printables capture screens and paste them into your template. Once completed, upload your template in the Unit 2 Dropbox. There is usc essays, also a video instruction to of mice essay help you complete this assignment. Do not uninstall the software from your PC until you complete Unit 3.

Week 2 Assignment. View this video to help you complete this assignment. Do not uninstall the software from your PC until you complete Unit 3. Assignment Grading Rubric Points % Template completion (4 x 20) Explanation of concepts (1 X 10)

Spelling and grammar 5 5% Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at usc essays, the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the cdma, Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions. See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments Exams” for due date information. Symmetric Encryption using Vigenere Cipher. 1. Click on usc essays File from the rubric, menu and usc essays select New. 2. Enter (paste) the following text in the window: On September 25, 1789, the First Congress of the United States proposed 12 amendments to the Constitution. Of Mice And Men Persuasive Rubric? The 1789 Joint Resolution of Congress proposing the amendments is on display in the Rotunda in the National Archives Museum. Ten of the proposed 12 amendments were ratified by usc essays, three-fourths of the state legislatures on December 15, 1791. The ratified Articles (Articles 3–12) constitute the first 10 amendments of the Constitution, or the U.S.

Bill of Rights. In 1992, 203 years after it was proposed, Article 2 was ratified as the 27th Amendment to the Constitution. Article 1 was never ratified. 3. Click on the Encrypt/Decrypt. 4. Select Symmetric (classic) from the drop down list.

5. Select Vigenere. 6. Enter a key – ORANGE (you may want to try the encryption with other keys). 7. 6th Grade Creative? Click Encrypt. Usc Essays? 8. Capture this screen (SHIFT + PRTSCN) in Windows and paste below. Encryption with DES in CBC mode. 1. Repeat the process above and select Symmetric (Modern).

4. Capture this screen (SHIFT + PRTSCN) in Windows and paste below. Asymmetric encryption using RSA Encryption. 1. Repeat the process above and select Asymmetric. 1. Create a text file made up of at least five pages of text. Of Mice And Men Essay? The text can be anything you would like. 2. Save the file on your C: Drive as TEXT.txt 3. Open Cryptool. 4. Click on File. 5. Usc Essays? This time, select Open. 6. Browse to c:TEXT.txt 7. Friend Essay For Children? Click on Encrypt/Decrypt. 8. Select Asymmetric. 9. Select RSA Encrypt.

10. Check DISPLAY ENCRYPTION TIME at the bottom on the page. 11. Select SideChannel in the window. 12. Click on Encrypt. Record your time below. Notice that the time taken is somewhat large for computing. Symmetrical encryption would take less than .001 of usc essays, a sec to encrypt the same text. DeVry SEC280 Week 3 Exercise. You installed Cryptool version 1.4.31 in Week 2. If you uninstalled Cryptool, you will need to reinstall the of a written, software as you did in Week 2. Follow the usc essays, same instructions from unit 2 to thesis open Cryptool.

Click on File from the top menu bar and select New. Type This is a test. at least five times. Click on usc essays Encrypt/Decrypt from the top Menu Bar. Select Asymmetric encryption. In the and men persuasive rubric, pop-up window, select the usc essays, only option available (this is a user profile)—SideChannelAt……. Click on Encrypt.

The RSA-encrypted text will be displayed. Capture the my best friend, screen and paste it in the Word template called Week 3 Template.docx. In the next step, you are going to usc essays create a key pair. Note that asymmetrical encryption uses a key to encrypt (public key) and another key to decrypt (private key). Click on Digital Signature/PKI from the top menu bar and select PKI. Now choose Generate/Import keys.

Complete the pop-up template. Select RSA and 1024 for Bit Length. Complete the User Data section on the right. Remember to select a PIN because every time you decrypt, you will need the PIN to have access to cdma your PIN. Capture the usc essays, completed pop-up window and paste it in your template. Click on Generate new key pair. Close the pop-up window.

Now click on Encrypt/Decrypt and select Asymmetric Encryption. You will see your profile in the list of recipients. Capture this screen and paste in your template. This profile will be used in Week 4. Close the pop-up window. Click on Encrypt/Decrypt and select RSA demonstration. RSA uses two prime numbers to generate the public key and private key. Enter a prime number (e.g., 13) for p and another prime number for q (e.g., 7). Now capture the screen and creative writing add it to usc essays your template. Notice your RSA modulus is 15.

Click on Alphabet and number system option. Select Specify alphabet. Select Normal in RSA variant. Select Decimal in Number System. Now enter a message in example business plan, the input row “This is a test.” Click on Encrypt. Click OK on usc essays the pop-up message. Now capture this screen and paste it in your template. Assignment Grading Rubric Points % Successful completion of the required five steps in the demo. Required format and clarity. Spelling and grammar 3 3%

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions. See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments Exams” for due date information. Week 3 Template. 1. Capture Screen 1 (Encrypt using SideChannel Profile.) 2. Screen for Key Pair 3. Creation of Profile 4. RSA Demonstration 5. Using Key Pair to Encrypt. DeVry SEC280 Week 4 Exercise. In this assignment, you will use Cryptool to generate encryption keys (if you deleted your earlier one, you will need to rubric generate another one), sign a document, verify a signature, and extract a signature. Before we continue, let’s recap how a signature works.

A document has a unique hashed value. The hash value can be encrypted with an individual’s private key to tie the document to the holder of the private key. The encrypted hashed value is usc essays, called signing a document. To start this exercise, open Cryptool (installed in Week 2). Friend Essay? Click on usc essays File and Open.

In the open window, type the my best friend essay, following message: “It is a great day at usc essays, DeVry University.” Click on Digital Signature/PKI from the menu bar. Select Generate/Import keys. In the pop-up window, select RSA and complete the User Data portion on of mice and men persuasive essay the right panel. Select a PIN. I recommend “1234” for now. Click on Generate new key pair at the bottom of the screen. You will receive a message that the keys were generated successfully. Close any open windows except the windows with our message: “It is a great day at DeVry University.” Now, select SHA-1 (160 bits) for hash function and choose RSA for signature algorithm and usc essays now select your key pair from the research, bottom pane. Remember to enter your PIN (1234). The digital signature will be displayed in another window.

Capture this screen and paste it in the Week4_Template. Leave the signature page and click on Digital Signature/PKI and click on Verify Signature. Usc Essays? Select the key pair and and men persuasive essay rubric click on Verify Signature. You will get a message that the signatures are correct. They have to be because we just created the signatures. Capture the Signature Verification page and paste it in your Week4_Template. Now click on usc essays Digital Signatures/PKI and optical thesis Click on usc essays Extract a Signature.

A pop-up window will be displayed with the extracted signature. The signature and the signed message are displayed. Written Business Plan? Capture the page and paste it in usc essays, the Week4_Template. Close all open Windows. Now, create a text file in for children, your document folder on your PC (save it as MYTEST.txt). This text document can contain any you would like and usc essays can be created using Notepad. Back to Cryptool, click on Digital Signatures/PKI. Select Signature Demonstration. The pop-up will contain a diagram of creative writing, a schematic of the digital signature process.

Click on Open document. Select the text document you created earlier. Click on usc essays Select Hash function. Choose SHA-1 and then click on OK. Click on friend for children Compute hash value and click on Hash value. The hash value of your file will be displayed at the bottom of the window. Now click on Generate key. Click on usc essays Generate Primes (accept default values) and Accept Primes. Click on 6th grade creative Store Key. Now click on Encrypt Hash Value.

Click on Encrypted Hash value. The Encrypted Hash value will be displayed at the bottom of the window. Now you are going to click on Provide Certificate. Enter your first and last name and a PIN (confirm the PIN). Click on Generate Signature.

The signature will be displayed at the bottom of the window. Now click on Store signature. Capture the display screen and usc essays paste it in your Week4_Template. Xbrl? Click OK and close Cryptool. Assignment Grading Rubric Points % Hands-on lab assignment. Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions. See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for usc essays Assignments Exams” for due date information. Week 4 Assignment. 1. Digital Signature Screen Capture 2. Signature Verification Screen Capture 3. Extracted Signature Screen Capture 4. Stored Signature Screen Capture. DeVry SEC280 Week 6 Exercise.

For this exercise, you are going to start with this site: is a platform at my best, the University of Washington that continually monitors and analyzes the behavior of spam-oriented botnets. There are many other locations on the Internet that keep real-time activities of botnets across the globe. My recommendation is to use your favorite search engine and usc essays search “real-time botnet tracking” and you will hit many results on botnet tracking. Using the information you found, develop a five-slide PowerPoint (seven bullets minimum per page) to describe the status of 6th grade printables, botnets in the world. DeVry SEC280 Week 7 Exercise. In this assignment, you are going to perform a forensic analysis of the C:users (or C:windowsusers) folder in Windows of your computer to investigate possible credit card frauds.

To perform this forensic analysis, you are going to need Bulk Extractor. Bulk Extractor is a computer forensics tool that scans a disk image, file, or directory of files and extracts information such as credit card numbers, domains, e-mail addresses, URLs, and usc essays ZIP files. My Best Friend? The extracted information is output to a series of text files. You will need these files to complete this assignment. Bulk Extractor can be downloaded from

For consistency, you want to download the version below. Once downloaded, run the installation. This process will take less than five minutes. bulk_extractor-1.5.1-windowsinstaller.exe 05-Aug-2014 13:03 20M. Once completed, you will need to create a storage folder on your computer where Bulk Extractor will write the output of the forensic investigation.

Now you are ready to start the Bulk Extractor application. Downloading and Installing Bulk Extractor. Watch this short video on the steps needed to complete this assignment. See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments Exams” for due date information.

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Comparing Blind Resumes for 2014 NCAA Tournament Hopefuls. Nothing will change your perception of a NCAA tournament hopeful quite like blindly comparing its resume to usc essays, another team's resume, and we've got 12 juicy comparisons for you. In Romeo and Juliet , William Shakespeare wrote, What's in a name? That which we call a rose by persuasive essay any other name would smell as sweet. How will these roses smell when we take away their names? Resumes once believed a lock for the tournament might not seem so pretty once you no longer know the school to usc essays, which they belong. No stone was left unturned. We looked at RPI (Ratings Percentage Index), BPI (Basketball Power Index), KP (Ken Pomeroy's ratings) and JS (Jeff Sagarin's ratings) to determine where each team stands and 6th grade creative, deserves to usc essays, stand. Aside from removing the teams' names, there's no tomfoolery or data manipulation going on here.

We're giving the xbrl paper same amount of data for usc essays every comparison and letting you come to a conclusion on optical cdma thesis which resume is better before revealing all of the teams involved. Hopefully this will serve as a tiny peek behind the curtain of usc essays, what the selection committee will go through next week. Win-loss records on the following slides exclude games played against opponents not in 6th grade writing D-I and are current through the usc essays start of play on Wednesday, March 5. All computer rankings are current through the start of example business plan, play on Tuesday, March 4. Team A: 17-9 overall, 4-6 vs. RPI Top 50, 5-8 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 81, BPI: 34, KP: 35, JS: 43.

Team B: 21-7 overall, 4-6 vs. RPI Top 50, 5-6 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 33, BPI: 40, KP: 41, JS: 39. If you look at usc essays, nothing but overall record and cdma thesis, RPI, this one is a bit of a no-brainer. Team B deserves roughly a No. 8 seed and Team A might be lucky to usc essays, make the NIT.

But let's dig a little deeper, because these teams have an identical record against the RPI Top 50 and are within six spots of each other in each of the example plan secondary computer rankings. As you might have guessed from their complete lack of recognition in the bubble discussion, the Utah Utes are Team A. RPI makes absolutely no distinction between a 50-point loss and a nail-biter that ended in disappointment in overtime. This is quite unfortunate for the Utes, because they haven't been blown out yet this season and have an 0-3 record in overtime games against quality teams. As a result, they have an RPI that is on usc essays par with that of Cleveland State and Georgia.

In every other way, though, Utah is example plan, golden. If the season ended today, the Utes would be the poster boys for everyone arguing for usc essays the death of of mice and men essay, overreliance on RPI. Meanwhile, Team B just completed a season sweep of Louisville this weekend. Yes, that is the profile for the Memphis Tigers, and usc essays, it isn't all that different from Utah's. After the win over Louisville, Memphis guard Michael Dixon Jr. told reporters, This is a great win. Louisville's a Top 10 team, and we swept them. This year we've had some slip-ups we shouldn't have had, but that happens. I think that going forward we're in pretty good shape. What if there are more slip-ups, though?

With games remaining against Cincinnati and Southern Methodist, could Memphis play its way into some serious bubble danger? And with road games against California and Stanford still on the docket, could Utah finally get into the national bubble conversation? We'll find out. All I know at the moment is that if you put these two teams on a neutral court against one another, the end result would be much closer than projected brackets would have you believe. Team A: 24-5 overall, 6-5 vs. RPI Top 50, 8-5 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 15, BPI: 24, KP: 19, JS: 22.

Team B: 23-5 overall, 2-2 vs. Creative. RPI Top 50, 5-4 vs. Usc Essays. RPI Top 100, RPI: 20, BPI: 32, KP: 32, JS: 36. Team B hasn't played anywhere near as many games against the RPI Top 50 as Team A. Example Business Plan. Given how underwhelming the Mountain West has been this season, you would be correct to assume that New Mexico is Team B. It doesn't show up in the splits above, but it's worth noting that both of New Mexico's best wins have come against the RPI Top 25, while Team A has just one RPI Top 25 victory. The Lobos are 11-1 in their last 12 games, including wins over San Diego State and usc essays, Boise State. Paper. Despite that hot streak and an RPI in the Top 20, they appear to have reached some sort of artificially created cap as a No. Usc Essays. 7 seed in most projected brackets. They deserve to be higher. Not only do they have a similar profile to example written business, Team A—which is either a No. Usc Essays. 3 and a No.

4 seed according to example written business, most prognosticators—but New Mexico even won a head-to-head game against Team A, if you're into that sort of thing. No, Team A is not San Diego State. It's Cincinnati. The Bearcats have lost three out of their last five games but are still getting the benefit of the doubt as a top-rated team because of their incredible defense. I wouldn't quite argue that New Mexico should be seeded ahead of Cincinnati, but having three full seed lines in between them is usc essays, a bit much. I wonder if it would be any different if New Mexico hadn't lost to Harvard in last year's tournament? Team A: 20-9 overall, 3-7 vs. RPI Top 50, 7-9 vs. My Best Essay. RPI Top 100, RPI: 30, BPI: 50, KP: 65, JS: 53.

Team B: 20-9 overall, 4-5 vs. RPI Top 50, 8-6 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 51, BPI: 56, KP: 62, JS: 64. One of these two teams is Colorado. The Buffaloes are comfortably seeded as a No. 10 or better in just about usc essays, everyone's projected bracket. The other team is paper, not only on the outside looking in, but would need to usc essays, leapfrog a handful of other teams just to make it into the First Four. Before I reveal which team is which, take another look at those resumes and explain to me how there are upwards of 20 teams in between them.

Their overall records are identical. Team B has one additional win against both the RPI Top 50 and RPI Top 100. You could argue that Team B's top wins are more impressive because they have a higher winning percentage against the RPI Top 100. On the flip side of that coin, simple arithmetic will confirm that Team B has lost three games to teams outside the my best friend essay RPI Top 100, while Team A hasn't lost any such games. Should Team B be penalized for a couple of bad losses or rewarded for usc essays winning more often than not against quality teams? One other footnote to consider: Team A is 6th grade writing, 0-7 away from home against usc essays the RPI Top 150. Team B is 5-5 in my best for children those games. That's enough suspense for one slide. Colorado is Team A. Usc Essays. The Buffaloes have yet to win on the road against a decent team, including Saturday's 11-point loss at Utah. My Best Essay. Forget about judging this team with or without Spencer Dinwiddie, because it's time to usc essays, simply judge it for what it hasn't done at any point this season. Who is 6th grade creative writing printables, Team B, you ask?

That would be the Dayton Flyers. They had a pretty crazy week, getting blown out by Saint Joseph's before finding redemption in usc essays a home win over Massachusetts. This is a classic conundrum involving a major conference team and a non-major conference team. If Colorado and Dayton were in similar conferences, they would probably be side by side on the bubble right now. Instead, the Flyers work to do and Colorado apparently has room to breathe. Team A: 23-6 overall, 7-3 vs.

RPI Top 50, 12-6 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 10, BPI: 11, KP: 7, JS: 8. Team B: 22-6 overall, 6-1 vs. Optical. RPI Top 50, 13-5 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 12, BPI: 31, KP: 48, JS: 46. Here we find a situation very similar to the one presented on the previous slide. Usc Essays. Team B has a slightly better winning percentage vs. RPI Top 100, but it's readily apparent that Team B has one loss to a team outside the RPI Top 100, while Team A doesn't have any.

If you'll recall that Massachusetts has suffered a loss to George Mason, you already know that the Minutemen are Team B. There are only five teams in xbrl research paper the country that have more wins against the RPI Top 100 than Massachusetts. Of the Minutemen's 13 key wins, seven have come away from home. The Minutemen went through a bit of usc essays, a rough patch in my best friend late January and early February, but the usc essays list of teams that haven't experienced some sort of for english, swoon in the past month is an extremely short one. They don't rank very well in BPI, KP or JS because they never made much of a habit out of destroying their opponents, but they have that winning gene this year. Of course, it's a different story for usc essays Team A, because Creighton has been putting up points in of mice and men persuasive rubric bunches all season.

The Bluejays' blowout wins over Villanova have left them within a couple spots of No. 10 in all the computer rankings — though we shall see how Tuesday night's loss to Georgetown affects those numbers. Aside from the occasional eye-popping margins of usc essays, victory, though, what is it that has Creighton battling for a No. Creative Writing Printables. 2 seed while Massachusetts is struggling to usc essays, maintain its spot as a No. 7 seed? Creighton obviously wins the eye test, but a separation of five seed lines is example of a business plan, pretty extreme.

Team A: 18-11 overall, 3-7 vs. Usc Essays. RPI Top 50, 5-10 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 59, BPI: 43, KP: 36, JS: 41. Team B: 20-10 overall, 3-5 vs. 6th Grade Creative. RPI Top 50, 7-6 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 29, BPI: 44, KP: 46, JS: 44.

Team B has a better overall record and a better record against the RPI Top 100, but the usc essays average of their ranks in research the four computer rating systems are extremely close together. Of course, this wouldn't be worth discussing if there wasn't a sizable gap between the two teams. Team B is on the right side of the bubble with some room to spare. Team A is on the wrong side of the bubble and has a couple of teams to usc essays, bypass before they can even consider dancing. Both teams played a lot of RPI Top 50 nonconference opponents. Team A went 2-3 with neutral-court wins over VCU and Massachusetts. Team B was 2-4 with wins away from home against rubric for english essay Stanford and Texas.

I'm not arguing that Team B should fall out of the usc essays projected field, because I've come to grips with the fact that BYU has a worthy tournament resume — provided the Cougars don't lose an ugly game to either Portland or Loyola Marymount in writing printables the WCC quarterfinals. Instead, I'm making the case for Team A, because Florida State belongs in the tournament right now. The Seminoles have a lot of losses, but they have played seven games against the RPI Top 17. That's more than any other team in the country, and they still have (at least) one more remaining against Syracuse on Sunday. If there's a team that deserves some slack for playing too many uber-quality opponents, you're looking at usc essays, them. They only have one awful loss this season—and that home loss to Miami doesn't look quite so bad when you consider that Miami ranks in the top 85 of all the computer ranks except for RPI, where the my best essay for children Hurricanes are No.

102. Even if the Seminoles lose to Syracuse on usc essays Sunday, they would finish the season with a .500 record in ACC play and would likely draw the No. 7 seed in the conference tournament. As long as they can avoid losing to example, a team like Notre Dame or Wake Forest in usc essays their first ACC tourney game, I like Florida State's chances of ultimately making the my best friend essay for children NCAA tournament. Team A: 22-7 overall, 7-4 vs. RPI Top 50, 8-6 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 19, BPI: 14, KP: 15, JS: 18.

Team B: 21-8 overall, 7-8 vs. RPI Top 50, 11-8 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 25, BPI: 42, KP: 39, JS: 40. Let's end some of the suspense right away and reveal that Team A is UCLA. Both UCLA and usc essays, Team B are ranked somewhere in the vicinity of for english essay, a No. Usc Essays. 5 or No. 6 seed depending on cdma who you ask, but do they really deserve equal treatment? UCLA went 0-3 against the RPI Top 100 during the nonconference portion of the usc essays season. Example Business. Team B had a 3-2 record, including a road win over North Carolina. Usc Essays. UCLA is also 0-2 vs.

RPI Top 25, while Team B is research, 3-5. According to BPI, Team B's strength of schedule ranks 11th-most difficult in usc essays the country, while UCLA's ranks 39th. So let's go ahead and forgive that one-game difference in the loss column—considering Team B has yet to lose a game to a team outside the RPI Top 50. Have you been thoroughly convinced that Texas should be seeded way ahead of UCLA? I like the Bruins where they currently are, but Texas deserves better. The Longhorns have lost four consecutive road games to drop out of the optical cdma thesis AP Top 25, but they belong with Michigan State, North Carolina and San Diego State in usc essays the conversation about and men persuasive essay rubric, which team would be most deserving of a No. 3 seed the next time such a position opens up. Team A: 22-7 overall, 3-4 vs. RPI Top 50, 7-7 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 22, BPI: 21, KP: 16, JS: 26.

Team B: 24-5 overall, 4-5 vs. RPI Top 50, 5-5 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 32, BPI: 6, KP: 5, JS: 5. If not for usc essays those supplemental computer ratings, Team A would rank ahead of Team B, right? Team A has more losses but a better RPI, and optical cdma, more games against high-quality opposition would seem to put it slightly in usc essays the lead in my book. Fortunately for Team B, it has been absolutely destroying its lesser competition all season. Against teams outside the RPI Top 50, Louisville is 20-0 with an paper average margin of victory of usc essays, 27.6 points per game.

And as it turns out, beating bad teams by nearly 30 points a night is more valuable in the new-age computer ratings than consistently beating quality teams by a minimal margin. Outside of a 69-38 win over Southern Miss, though, the Cardinals haven't looked very good against tournament-caliber teams. But they have been regarded as roughly a No. 4 seed because of and men rubric, a combination of their domination of bad teams and for the national championship they won 11 months ago. Team A hasn't been quite as dominant, but it has arguably been more effective and more consistent. So why is VCU hovering three or four seed lines behind Louisville in most projected brackets?

Sure, the Rams lost three out of four games during a two-week stretch in mid-February, but allow me to assure you that there is no shame in usc essays road losses by single digits to Massachusetts, Saint Joseph's and Saint Louis. The A-10 is going to my best friend essay for children, send at least as many teams to the NCAA tournament as the usc essays AAC is going to send, and those top teams have just been taking turns beating each other up (and struggling with George Mason). If VCU really does end up getting a No. 7 seed on Selection Sunday, I hope we get to see the essay live reaction of the usc essays No. Paper. 2 seed that would be forced to play the Rams in the round of 32. Team A: 20-10 overall, 5-9 vs. Usc Essays. RPI Top 50, 8-9 vs. My Best Friend Essay For Children. RPI Top 100, RPI: 45, BPI: 19, KP: 24, JS: 15. Team B: 18-10 overall, 5-8 vs. Usc Essays. RPI Top 50, 6-9 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 40, BPI: 36, KP: 37, JS: 31.

Oklahoma State is the rubric owner of usc essays, one of the of a written business above profiles. What in usc essays the world are we to do about the xbrl research Cowboys? Having a double-digit number in the loss column before the end of March is usc essays, usually a surefire way to ensure you don't receive a single-digit seed in the tournament. But we have to view them in a different light because of everything that transpired in January and February. Oklahoma State was one of the paper best teams in usc essays the country before everything went haywire for about six weeks. The Cowboys have now won four straight games, though, including hugely important home wins over both Kansas schools. If we look at their entire body of my best essay for children, work and usc essays, pretend that there weren't precipitous peaks and valleys throughout their season, the resume of Oklahoma State (Team A) isn't much different from that of cdma thesis, Stanford (Team B) — and the Cardinal are projected to earn something in the vicinity of a No.

11 seed. Would Oklahoma State really get that kind of usc essays, treatment? Things got rough there for a while with the Cowboys, but it's pretty clear that they're back to playing at a Top 25 kind of xbrl paper, level. After Monday's win over Kansas State, I'd expect to see Oklahoma State in a No. 8 vs. No. 9 game in usc essays most projected brackets, and for english essay, I already feel terrible for the No. 1 seed that would draw the Cowboys in usc essays the third round in that situation.

Team A: 22-8 overall, 1-6 vs. RPI Top 50, 5-8 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 45, BPI: 18, KP: 26, JS: 25. Team B: 20-9 overall, 3-2 vs. RPI Top 50, 7-7 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 57, BPI: 41, KP: 60, JS: 57. This one isn't quite a TKO, but it sure seems like Team B is the winner. Team B has more quality wins and a better winning percentage against quality teams than Team A. Team A has a much better BPI, KP and JS than Team B, but as we've discovered elsewhere, a discrepancy like this between RPI and creative writing, the other computer metrics typically indicates blowout wins over bad teams and close losses to good teams.

If that sounds a lot like Pittsburgh's modus operandi, that's because Team A is Pittsburgh. Despite an 0-6 record against the RPI Top 100 since Jan. 27, people are still insistent on usc essays keeping the Panthers in their projected brackets. They were playing some great basketball back in November and December but played a grand total of two nonconference games against printables the RPI Top 100—beating Stanford and losing to Cincinnati. However, the rationale seems to usc essays, be that there needs to my best friend essay for children, be 68 teams in the tournament field, and it's easier to usc essays, keep Pittsburgh in than it is to find another team that is more deserving. Team B looks like one of of a written business plan, those more deserving teams, which is really saying something about Pittsburgh's resume, because Team B is the Missouri Tigers.

And in usc essays case you haven't noticed, Missouri is xbrl, perhaps the bubbliest team in the entire country. Yet, the Tigers' resume is, at worst, comparable to Pittsburgh's. It might be in the Panthers' best interest to really deliver a message in usc essays their season finale at Clemson. Team A: 18-11 overall, 4-8 vs. RPI Top 50, 6-9 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 50, BPI: 67, KP: 64, JS: 60. Team B: 17-12 overall, 4-7 vs. RPI Top 50, 6-8 vs. 6th Grade Creative Writing. RPI Top 100, RPI: 74, BPI: 62, KP: 58, JS: 52. Team C: 17-13 overall, 3-9 vs.

RPI Top 50, 5-10 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 66, BPI: 63, KP: 59, JS: 61. Outside of RPI, these three teams are almost identical. But—wouldn't you know it?—Team A is usc essays, smack dab on the bubble while Teams B and C allegedly have a ton of work left to do. In fact, in Joe Lunardi's most recent bracket projection, Team A is a No. 10 seed while neither Team B nor C appears on my best essay his list of the eight teams closest to usc essays, making the jump into the field. Even the staunchest RPI supporter would have a tough time rationalizing a gap of 15 or more teams between Profile A and Profiles B and rubric for english essay, C.

Now, let's add in the fact that Team A has lost seven of its last 11 games while Team B has picked up consecutive wins against the RPI Top 50 and Team C just ended a streak of usc essays, three straight wins against the RPI Top 50. Sure, one of Team A's wins was against Arizona, but I think we can all agree that California wouldn't have won that game if not for Brandon Ashley's injury. That win is almost single-handedly responsible for the Golden Bears' RPI remaining as good as it is. Meanwhile, Indiana (Team B) and Illinois (Team C) can't seem to buy a ticket into the RPI Top 60 because of of mice and men persuasive essay rubric, how badly they struggled in their first 12 or so B1G games. But right now, they are both playing much better than California. The Golden Bears aren't just losing games. They're getting destroyed. Not a single one of their 11 losses has been by less than seven points.

Their seven losses in Pac-12 play are by an average of 15.4 points per game. Can the usc essays occasional quality win really make up for California playing like garbage the rest of the time? And if so, why aren't Indiana and Illinois getting the same treatment for their recent marquee wins over xbrl research, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota and usc essays, Ohio State? Team A: 19-10 overall, 1-6 vs. RPI Top 50, 4-7 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 76, BPI: 53, KP: 50, JS: 55. Team B: 18-12 overall, 1-7 vs. Of A Written. RPI Top 50, 4-9 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 61, BPI: 49, KP: 52, JS: 58. Team C: 17-12 overall, 3-9 vs. RPI Top 50, 6-10 vs.

RPI Top 100, RPI: 47, BPI: 55, KP: 54, JS: 49. Teams A and B are not very close to the projected field, and deservedly so. The point on this slide isn't to argue that those teams belong in usc essays the field so much as it is to argue that Minnesota (Team C) does not. The Golden Gophers have three quality wins, but they could not have possibly been any luckier in essay the timing of usc essays, facing those opponents. They played Ohio State at home in 6th grade creative writing printables the third leg of the usc essays Buckeyes' four-game losing streak. They also played Wisconsin at home, handing the Badgers their third consecutive loss during a stretch where they lost five out of six games.

More recently, they won a home game against example Iowa during a period in which the Hawkeyes had to play four B1G games in a span of nine days. I'm certainly not saying that Minnesota's three biggest wins of the usc essays season don't count, but I do think they should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if those wins are viewed at full value, 12 losses is an awful lot. And even though conference records don't matter at xbrl, all in usc essays the grand scheme of things, Minnesota is friend, 7-10 in usc essays B1G play with a 4-8 record against conference teams in friend for children the RPI Top 100. Despite their quality wins, the Golden Gophers have very similar computer rankings to usc essays, Clemson (Team A) and thesis, North Carolina State (Team B). Wichita State: 30-0 overall, 2-0 vs. RPI Top 50, 10-0 vs. Usc Essays. RPI Top 100, RPI: 7, BPI: 4, KP: 6, JS: 16.

Team A: 25-5 overall, 4-3 vs. RPI Top 50, 11-5 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 10, BPI: 8, KP: 2, JS: 7. Team B: 22-7 overall, 12-7 vs. Example Business Plan. RPI Top 50, 17-7 vs. RPI Top 100, RPI: 3, BPI: 3, KP: 9, JS: 4. Team C: 26-3 overall, 4-3 vs. RPI Top 50, 14-3 vs.

RPI Top 100, RPI: 4, BPI: 7, KP: 8, JS: 3. There's no point in even trying to conceal Wichita State's identity, but do the usc essays Shockers have a better resume than these other three teams? As a spoiler, none of writing printables, these mystery teams is Florida or Arizona, and I think we can all agree that both the Gators and Wildcats have pretty much clinched a No. 1 seed. Thus, these are the primary teams fighting for usc essays the final two spots on the top line. We can probably immediately rule out Team A. Certainly a strong profile, but not nearly enough quality wins to make up for business the five losses. Usc Essays. The Virginia Cavaliers have had an incredible season and could absolutely still play their way into a No. 1 seed by my best for children winning the ACC conference tournament, but they are a No. Usc Essays. 2 seed for the time being. Team B has nearly twice as many RPI Top 100 wins as Wichita State and six times as many RPI Top 50 wins.

The seven losses might be too much to stomach for a No. And Men Persuasive Rubric. 1 seed, but the Kansas Jayhawks rank in the top four of three of the computer rating systems evaluated. Usc Essays. And, on of a written plan the bright side, at least all of their losses were to teams in usc essays the RPI Top 50. When you play 19 games against that collection of teams, you're bound to lose a few. Kudos to Wichita State for getting up to play its two games against the RPI Top 50, but Kansas has literally played 66 percent of its games against tournament-caliber opponents. If it wasn't for my best friend for children the Jayhawks' two conference games against TCU, they would have only played one team all season outside the RPI Top 120. Is an undefeated record really enough to keep the usc essays Shockers in front of a seven-loss team that is pretty clearly better than they are? In my opinion, though, Team C is the really intriguing one. They have three losses, but are undefeated against teams outside the RPI Top 10. Of Mice Persuasive Essay Rubric. Of their 14 RPI Top 100 wins, 12 have come against usc essays the RPI Top 75, and seven have come away from home.

And yet when is the last time you heard Villanova mentioned in the No. 1 seed debate? The Wildcats were certainly embarrassed in their losses to xbrl research, Creighton, but I'm not sure how one goes about arguing that they aren't one of the four best teams in usc essays the country. Should they close out the season with wins over Xavier and Georgetown to improve to 16-3 vs. RPI Top 100, would that be enough to vault the Wildcats past an paper undefeated Wichita State? That's just one of the multitude of story lines to keep an usc essays eye on research as we head into Championship Week.

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